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Crystal Wave - Mineral Enriched Water - 500ml (24 pack)

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Crystal Wave
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Roughly 11,700 years ago, our country went through its last ice age. Skyscraper-size glaciers carved America, and left behind tens of thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, and—aquifers. Aquifers are underground caverns that hold water like a reservoir. To this day, many of these aquifers still have water that has come from a melted glacier. And this glacier water, in many parts of the country, rises to the surface (springs up), creating springs. What would this ancient spring water taste like you wonder? Now’s your chance to taste it for yourself.

Tapped from one such ancient spring, Crystal Wave has the taste that is expected from true spring water. When you drink Crystal Wave, you’ll be drinking water that’s been melted slowly and gradually from a glacier that’s hundreds, if not thousands of years old. No Chlorine Added Your bottle of Crystal Wave doesn’t have a drop—not one single drop of chlorine. Chlorine would not only spoil the taste of good, cool spring water, but its purpose of drinking from an ancient underground glacier. Putting in chlorine would be like a slap in the face of Mother Nature.

Crystal Wave has more minerals (Electrolytes)—like calcium and magnesium—per glass than any other spring water on the market. Electrolytes like calcium and magnesium carry an electrical charge that helps conduct your nerve impulses and muscle contractions, along with regulating the flow of fluids and nutrients into and out of your body cells.

A better tasting, more satisfying drink balanced nicely with the earth’s rich minerals, Crystal Wave also gives you a natural, fresh taste, rather than a flat taste of regular bottled water. It gives you a "wetter" mouthfeel, which makes it a better choice to carry while exercising or hiking, and a pH Level of 7.8+ for a healthy, well-balanced body abbreviation for potential of hydrogen. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of your body’s fluids and tissues. The pH level of 7.8+ in Crystal Wave helps balance your body as it should be.

What happens in your body after you drink Crystal Wave? Water in the morning can be compared to a detox because it helps cleanse your small intestine where food is digested. A cleaner intestine gives your body a better ability to absorb much needed nutrients from the foods you eat.

To get 100% of the health benefits from drinking Crystal Wave, drink an eight-ounce glass on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. Wait 15 minutes before eating. This will allow Crystal Wave time to flow freely through your small intestine, letting it do its job. Eight ounces is ½ a bottle, at only 83 cents each morning. Not a bad deal at all to have 100% pure spring water running through you first thing in the morning.

Taste the difference an underground glacier makes. Where may we send you your first shipment of Crystal Wave? Crystal Wave is provided to you by, a supplier of Liquid Ionic Minerals.

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