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Good State Nano Ionic Mouthwash

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Good State's Nano Ionic Mouthwash is made of only filtered ZERO water, essential oils, and ionic molybdenum. We use essential oils of clove, peppermint, and tea tree. They are chosen specifically for their astringent, antibacterial, tissue regenerative, remineralization, and healing qualities.
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Good State's Nano Ionic Mouthwash is an All-Natural Mouthwash for All-Natural Complete Care! More Sensitive Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth & Gums! Rinsing with oils. Who would have ever thought. . . . If you are eating all-natural foods, doesn’t it make sense to rinse with an all-natural mouthwash? • LOOK!: Just 4 ingredients, including filtered ZERO water. • Antibacterial and antimicrobial oils from natural sources to maintain healthy gums & teeth. • Fresh, mild taste and sensation while rinsing for a full 60 seconds. Did you just have an ahhh moment? We did. Our health team likes to think outside the (health) box for providing not only supplements, but personal care items to give you all-natural complete healthcare. Because that other kind of healthcare can be downright expensive! So, we provide you with more choices to think about – even using oils for a mouthwash! Why You Have GOT to Try Nano Ionic Mouthwash! Have you ever counted the seconds in your morning-tired head while trying to endure the burn of that chemical mouthwash for a full minute? Just seeing your expressions in the mirror as you try do it probably isn’t a pretty sight. That alone will have many of you wanting to try Nano Ionic Mouthwash. And aren’t you curious to see what it’s like to rinse with such a mouthwash? Good State's Nano Ionic Mouthwash has just 4 ingredients: peppermint oil, teatree oil, clove bud oil, and ionized molybdenum from sodium molybdate, zero water. That’s it! No artificial colors. No sweeteners. No preservatives, or any of that other nonsense. Can you imagine the flavors? Can you imagine the fresh, cool taste? Can you also imagine the aftereffects from these antibacterial and antimicrobial oils when they have absorbed in your mouth to promote and then maintain oral health on a daily basis? Try Good State's Nano Ionic Mouthwash for a few mornings and let us know what you think!
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