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Good State - Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate - (10 drops equals 3 mg, 100 servings per bottle)

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Quick Overview

Ionic Indium (In) Element #49 Ultra Concentrate is a professional grade liquid ionic mineral dietary supplement.
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Those Who Are Health Savvy Take Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate
This product was designed and formulated to Give Your Body What It Needs for a Good State of Health™ by helping the absorption of nutrients, increasing your energy, supporting your aging body, and giving you an additional booster to your immune system.

Very few people know about indium, but it can add extra support to the other nutrients you take. And sometimes you need all the support you can get your hands on!

If you are curious about Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate and how it may give your overall health a surprising boost out of nowhere, click the button so we can send you a bottle today.


Why Our Customers Are Choosing Liquid Ionic Indium for the First Time
1. It is a liquid that replaces big, dry pills. 2. It absorbs faster and more efficiently than traditional pills. 3. It is concentrated: More water is taken out, while more of the indium is left in. 4. It is an ionized mineral.

This supplement is also vegetarian friendly.


If you haven’t already tried indium in a liquid, ionic and concentrated form, try Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate to see for yourself.



What is Ionic?
Ionized means to convert wholly or partly into ions.
An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged ion will hook up with a negatively-charged one. Then it turns into something new and available.


What Are Ionized Minerals?
Getting minerals in an ionized form is how plants and animals were designed to absorb inorganic minerals. (Inorganic substances, like rocks and similar matter.)

Plants are like sprouting little factories where they make their own food. They take in the inorganic minerals through their roots from the dirt (the dirt is partially made up of crushed rock). Then the plants change the minerals into organic, ionized form—the form of minerals that can be used by your body.

Try your first bottle of Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate, and tell us what you think.

amo il vostro prodotto
amo il vostro prodotto
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Indium rocks
is review is from: Good State Liquid Ionic Indium Ultra Concentrate - 10 drops equals 3 mg - 100 servings per bottle, 1.6 Ounce (Health and Beauty) Such a powerful substance in such a small bottle. I was told about the supplement ionic indium by a friend who is well versed in natural remedies. I've been slowly trying to transfer non natural for natural remedies in my life. I'm exhausted from the take a pill mentality and am taking a new outlook towards supplying my body what it needs instead of reacting to the deficiencies. . I've been emotionally and physically all over the place, since I began having menopausal symptoms. I discussed it with my physician and we both agreed that pharmaceutical hormones will not be something I choose to pursue. I was told that indium could help stabilize these symptoms and make the effects less intend. As another benefit, it could also help boost my immunity. I began taking for awhile and find that my mood is much more stable. The intensity of hot flashes also seem quite little less intense. I appreciate the natural way to provide my body what it needs without the additional side effects. It's got a little bitter taste but mixes perfectly with a sweeter juice. Raspberry juice is my favorite juice to mix it with. Yes in this tiny bottle, there are 100 servings. Huge benefits in a few drops. I was given a discount for an honest review. I consider purity and quality of ingredients when considering each product. I appreciate all questions and comments. Thank you for reading my opinion. If you find my opinion helpful, would you mind selecting the helpful box below. Thank you.
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